Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to everyone out there! I may be a jew through and through but we like a little christmas cheer too! I had a wonderful hannukah, although most of it was spent in bed with my mucinex bottle and cup of noodles so there aren't any photos of this years hannukah. This was taken at the Grove in Los Angeles a few years ago and it just makes me feel so warm and festive inside. I will probably spend most of tomorrow at home trying to get as healthy as possible before Mexico!

Happy Holidays everyone! Stay healthy and have a happy end of the decade!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ears are popping, bumpy plane ride, but happy to be home sweet home.

RYale_Los Angeles

Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Seller!

I just got my second royalty statement in from Getty Images and for the second month in a row I sold images!  So exciting!  All the sales this month were abroad in Japan, Indonesia, England, and Germany.  I know I have a few international readers, so if your reading my blog from any of those countries and see my images somewhere let me know!  I also had the same image sell this month and last, which means I officially have a best seller! (yay!)

I'm also feeling a lot better today and will definitely be heading to Mexico on Saturday so expect some fun photos coming your way in the new year!

So anyone in Indonesia, pick up a copy of Globe Asia and look out for this image and then tell me about it!


Polar Bear Hunting on Ice Flows, Svalbard

Friday, December 18, 2009

Swine Flu Still Life

Still Life of Swine Flu

Please excuse my lack of interesting posts this week.  Since Tuesday night I have been stuck in bed with Swine Flu, and let me tell you it has not been fun. I was on skype with my dad so he could show me my dog in Los Angeles to cheer me up, and I showed him all my medications lined up on my bedside table. I realized how funny and kind of beautiful all my flu accouterments looked and thought I would share it.  Four days since onset of symptoms and today is my first semi human day.  If you fall ill I highly suggest everything in the photo along with lots of water and lots of sleep!  I leave for Mexico a week from today so fingers crossed I get healthy fast!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sparkly Reindeer

RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market27

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is Going to the Dogs, We'd Rather Have Chew Toys Than Yule Logs...

Rheana as Mrs. Clause

Holidays at Home

RYALE_Thanksgiving at home6

The holidays have so much to offer: twinkly lights, hot coco, presents, Christmas markets, latkes, you name it, I love it!  But one of the best things about this time of year is just getting to spend some time with your family.  As I mentioned earlier, my whole family was in LA for Thanksgiving, my sister and Rhys even brought Rheana who got to meet my 15-year-old Bichon-Frise, BJ, for the first time.  She loved our house in LA and especially loved being able to use the doggy door.  Teaching her was pretty funny though.  She would stand on the little ramp going up to it (which we had put in for BJ because she's getting too old to jump) and just whimper at the little flap of plastic unsure how to get back in the house.  BJ just stood behind her waiting her turn to come back inside.  BJ was visibly disgruntled and could not figure out why this stupid dog couldn't figure out how to use a door.  (Obviously BJ forgot that she once didn't know how to use that door and Elizabeth would have to climb through it to show her the way.)  All in all the dogs got along splendidly and the only arguments occurred when BJ was worried about getting her fair share of the food.  I swear though both dogs have the most expressive faces and when I would pay too much attention to Rheana, BJ would make the saddest face, whimper (or bark) and come over and sit on my lap.  One of Rheana's funniest habits that she picked up at our house was running underneath all the beds.  She would hang out under every single bed in our house, and for some reason she loved my parents bed the best and would go under it on one end and then shoot out the other end with a very satisfied grin.  One night when were all hanging out in their room she just went under the bed to take a nap...very strange (but adorable) dog!

RYALE_Thanksgiving at home3
RYALE_Thanksgiving at home1
RYALE_Thanksgiving at home2
RYALE_Thanksgiving at home4

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Union Square Holiday Market

RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market39

Happy Holidays everyone! Thanksgiving is officially over, New York saw its first snow fall, there is a crispness to the air, and merry feelings in the street, this must mean it is finally HOLIDAY TIME AGAIN!!!! yay! I love this time of the year probably as much as I love Halloween (maybe even a little more because presents are involved!) I've got my holiday mix set to repeat on my ipod and I'm setting out to take advantage of all the holiday treats this city has to offer. One of my favorites can be found right outside my window: The Union Square Holiday Market!

Every year starting right after Thanksgiving and going to December 24th the south side of the square undergoes a merry transformation. There are pop up Christmas markets all over the city- check NY MAG for a complete list.  I'm lucky enough to live above the Union Square Market and all the seasonal goodies it has to offer.

The market truly has something for everyone on your holiday shopping list, and some yummy treats to sustain you on your arduous shopping journey!  Come thirsty and hungry as the market has lots to offer- hot apple cider, spiced hot chocolate, seasonal teas, and everything from gingerbread cookies to bratwursts and crepes!

If your not hungry when you visit, but are a foodie be sure to stop a the City Shuffle booth, where you can pick up a deck of their gift certificate cards that costs $20-30 and give you a $500 value!  There are 52 cards in the deck, and each card represents a different bar or restaurant in New York and gives you a $10 to spend at that restaurant.  I gave this to my sister a few years ago and it seemed to get a positive response!  10 bucks won't buy you a dinner, but it definitly helps and you can make a game out of it when you can't think of where to eat and randomly pull cards till you find the right place!  They are good for one year and as long as you use at least 3, your coming out ahead.
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market30
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market13RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market15
Crepes come in many flavors, both sweet and savory and change daily.  Some examples are cheesburger crepe, apple and brie, and nutella and banana

There's even a snack for your pet- adorable seasonal dog treats made with all natural ingredients.  They come in both Christmas and Hannukah versions!
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market11

As I said, there really is something for everyone here, below are some of my favs:
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market37RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market10
Handblown Christmas tree ornaments
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market35
Funky menorahs
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market34
Handmade scented candles
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market16
Handcrafted one of a kind earrings
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market6
Novelty items like these Freudian Slippers
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market5
Beautiful Twinkly Lights
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market2
Turkish crafts like this glass lantern
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market18
RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market20RYALE_Union Square Holiday Market26
Amazing spices that you can mix and match to create a gift or a treat for yourself. You pick them out and then the delightful french owner uses a scooper on a long stick to scoop it up, let you smell it, then put it in a container.

Expect more holiday posts to come in the next 3 weeks!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

Bud to Bloom in Manhattan Beach



Friday, December 4, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Seasons Greetings from LA


I just got back to New York after a lovely week in Los Angeles enjoying the sunshine and Thanksgiving festivities. It was a wonderful week with the whole family and really fun to watch my 15-year-old Bichon Frise, BJ, try to cope with Rheana, my sister's 2-year-old Puggle who visited LA for her first time. Some cute pictures will come in the next few days. Even though I was only in LA for a short time it reminded me how much I love Los Angeles, and I decided to come home a week early in December to spend some time exploring my old home. Then I'm off to Puerto Vallarta so expect some tropical pictures and fun reviews to come your way.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving being over is now its time to start celebrating the holidays! Christmas and Hannukah will start to flood the streets and make its way into our lives! I always wait till now to break out my awesome christmakkah music mix and now it will be playing on my ipod 24/7 so expect pictures in the next few weeks to be infused with their merry spirit!

I posted a photo of Manhattan Beach a few days ago where I spent my Thanksgiving on a lovely walk with the family. I highly recommend this walk to anyone who wants to be by the beach, but not walk on it (no sand in shoes!) and likes to look at gorgeous houses and really beautiful flowers! Enjoy some pics below!










Friday, November 27, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Los Angeles Zoo, Griffith Park


As part of my ongoing series Animals in Captivity I try to make it to as many zoos as I can.  Whenever I head to a new city the zoo is one of the first places I would like to go.  I go to the zoo all the time in New York, as a member of the Central Park Zoo I try to stop by at least once a month.  However I had not been to the Los Angeles Zoo in 4 years- since the day I got my D2X as a graduation present from high school.  I'm back in Los Angeles this week and thought I would head over to check it out. 

It's just as fun as I remembered and I highly recommend it for a fun excursion in LA, you can make a day out of it and go on a hike in Griffith Park and see some animals in the wild like coyotes and hawks.  As always some of my tips and tricks:

  • Wear bug repellent it gets buggy!
  • Go early in the morning the sun is best for taking pictures and the animals will be active and hungry.
  • Even though the zoo closes at 5pm all the large animals go in to their enclosures for the night at 4pm so you'll want to plan to leave around 4 as there is nothing left to see.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and bring a jacket!  There is a lot of walking to be done and it gets cold later in the day during winter!
  • Ask the zoo keepers questions, they are there to help and know a ton of information and can really enhance the zoo experience by giving you a little education about the animals.
  • Check the website ahead of time for any special events like seasonal extravaganzas for Christmas and for feeding times for the animals.

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