Friday, June 4, 2010


Flew in to Denver last night to start a two week trip in the west.  I have a photo in a show at the Center for Fine Art Photography opening tonight.  Then tomorrow I'll be flying into St. George, UT and roadtripping with my dad over to Kanab (driving through Zion) to volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for 2 days.  Then we head south to the Grand Canyon where we will spend 4 days exploring the North and South Rim then fly home to LA via Flagstaff.  I will then be in LA for a week, then finally back to New York on the 21st (just in time for my birthday)!  I stayed last night at the aloft in Denver, which is nice enough, I've seen a lot of buzz about the aloft hotels in magazines and wanted to try it out.  The room feels like a cruise ship, very modular and simple.  It has free wifi and a huge flat screen TV and a pool so I'm happy here.  I'll try to update whenever I have internet, but no idea how often that will be.  Flew in on Jetblue through a crazy, but beautiful lightning storm.  I tried snapping a few pictures, but nothing really came out spectacular, but I then experimented with some time lapse images of the sunset while the camera shook from turbulence.  The result looks like interesting abstract watercolors, I liked a few of the compositions, so I thought I would share them with you.



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