Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcome to the Tropics

Landing in Singapore after a month in China was like a breath of fresh air. A breath of extremely hot and sticky air, but amazing nonetheless. Singapore started the beginning of the end of my trip and I spent my time there both excited to finally be coming home and sad that my adventure was coming to a close. Singapore was also a big change for me because my dad joined me on my last few days there before going on to Borneo. I loved sightseeing alone in a bunch of the other cities, but sometimes it's really fun to sight-see with a friend, especially someone you love because countless times in other cities I kept thinking my dad would love that so it was awesome to get to experience this spectacular new city with him! If Singapore wasn’t so extremely hot and humid all year round I could definitely see it as the perfect place for me to live. The city is so well organized and everything is very neat and tidy and it has one of the lowest crime and unemployment rates in the world. After a few months of being in places where hardly anyone spoke English it was wonderful to get into a cab and be able to talk with the driver again or have a friendly chat with a store owner or waiter. Unfortunately my time in Singapore was interrupted by one last horrible cold because my body just decided it had to fail one last time so I could say I got sick in every country of my trip (thanks immune system)! However, I had one perfect day before I started to feel sick, which consisted of shopping on Orchard Street (maybe one of my new favorite places in the entire world), getting an iced coffee for breakfast at Coffee Bean and having a bbq chicken pizza at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch, watching an American movie in a really nice movie theater, and finally walking around downtown to watch the sunset over the Singapore skyline. As much as I love the adventure and thrill of tracking wildlife and being in the wild, it was wonderful to have a few days of wonderful city life. About a week later as I stood inside one of the craziest caves in the world up to my knees in bat guano with poisonous centipedes, rats, and snakes slithering around the cave floor in the heart of Borneo it was nice to hold on to the memory of strolling down Orchard Road looking at the Christmas decorations while sipping on an iced mocha.


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