Saturday, February 5, 2011

Goodbye to Borneo, Goodbye to my trip

33 Flights
35 Hotels
2 Trains
1 boat
4 Cases of Bronchitis
3 Cases of Stomach Flu
1 Hospital Visit
105 Malaria Pills
17 Endangered Species Photographed
1 Amazing Trip

My Life Check List: Circle the Globe

Chaucer once said, “All good things must come to an end,” and no matter how much I tried to live in the moment and mentally slow down time my trip has come to an end. Now for those of you have been following along with me on my entire trip you are probably laughing at me saying “good” because of all the mishaps I had on my trip. But in the end it was better than good, it was monumentally, amazingly, eye opening-ly, life changing-ly, spectacularly, meaningful. This trip has forever changed the way I will view the world and more importantly myself. I was ready to say goodbye to Borneo, goodbye to the bugs, goodbye to the heat, goodbye to living out of a hotel, but saying goodbye to the trip itself was overwhelmingly emotional and it will take me another five months to fully cope with being back home. Hopefully this trip just represents the beginning of my adventures as I barely scratched the surface of all the places I long to see and all the animals I wish to help. Many have asked me what now? Now I work on getting more amazing people like you to look at my pictures and try to inspire them to care about these animals and the future of our planet.

Thank you to everyone I met on this journey- all the volunteers at the various sanctuaries, my tour guides, and new friends I met in the most random of places- thanks to all of you, you really made this experience special. Thanks to all of my friends and family who let me write cranky emails to them when I had horrible days and for writing back making me feel like I wasn’t so far away from home after all. And a big thank you to my parents without whom I never would have had the courage or ability to take this trip. Thank you for bailing me out when I was stuck in a cockroach filled windowless basement in India and sorry for nearly giving you heart attacks when I wrote you emails of my misadventures. And last, but most certainly not least I want to thank all of my loyal readers for following me and sticking with me through everything I’ve been through. I’ve really enjoyed all the emails I’ve received from you guys sharing your tips on what to see and your thoughts on my experiences. I really do love hearing from you and hope you keep enjoying my blog.

If you missed out on some of my posts or want to go back and see certain ones again you can click on Places I’ve Been at the top of the page and click a destination to see all my posts from there. You can also checkout my interactive grid of some of my favorite posts from the journey, click on the image to go to the corresponding story. Even though my trip is over, my new life is just beginning and I promise there will be plenty more interesting photographs and crazy stories coming your way in the future so stay tuned…



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