Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long Time No Talk!

Hey everyone!  Apologies for going so long without posting!  I am back in Los Angeles right now meeting with lots of amazing people in the art world networking and checking out some galleries.  Many people don't realize that when you are a photographer you are really a small business owner and you spend a lot of time maintaining your business.  The last two weeks have been about the business side and have not been too creative.  I'm jetting off next week to Texas for the North American Nature Photography Association's Summit in Texas and will have the opportunity to do good business networking and fun photo field trips so expect some photos when I get back!  In the mean time to tide you over you can check out my portfolio website which I have been working hard on to update and revamp a bit.  I will be launching a weekly photo sale on twitter starting in mid-March so look out for that and send me requests for an image of the week if you have your eye on one that you'd like to see on sale!  I've also been hard at work shooting events and portraits and have launched my new commercial photography website which you can check out at

Since I have no new photos to share this week I thought I'd share two favorites from the Masai Mara.  I go through my archives constantly and find work that I may have looked over at first so here are two favorites that haven't been featured here yet!



mina said...

I love these shots. We have a very similar one of a zebra, I had to do a double take! I'm so jealous that you saw a cheetah - they evaded us on our safari.

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