Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vision Jeunesse Nouvelles

From the 1980’s onward Africa became synonymous with HIV/AIDS. There are many organizations working on the continent to help with treatment and prevention. In many of the war-torn countries of Africa HIV/AIDS is contracted from rape, which is used as a weapon of warfare. In Rwanda we had the opportunity to visit a few hospitals and HIV centers supported by UNICEF who are working to treat victims of HIV. However, what I found more fascinating was the psychosocial counseling and education being done at centers to help deal with the psychological stigmas and components to the disease. I thought I’d try something new today and instead of a normal blog post I’ve made a short 3 minute multimedia presentation about the amazing UNICEF supported center we visited called Vision Jeunesse Nouvelles.

UNICEF Rwanda: VJN from Rebecca Yale on Vimeo.


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