Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Waterfall Hike in Bwindi National Park

After four gorilla treks we decided to do something a little easier on our last day in Bwindi and hike to three waterfalls. The hike is beautiful and we heard a lot of birds and monkeys on the way, but we didn’t really see any (they don’t call it the impenetrable forest for nothing)! We did see lots of beautiful butterflies and a few spiders though. The hiked turned out to be more of a trek in typical “this is Africa” fashion and a 2 hour stroll became an almost 4 hour trek up and down a mountain. The waterfalls were worth the journey, I just wish I had known in advance and would have prepared for it! I was not wearing my trekking gloves and ended up with a palm full of thorns when I tripped and grabbed a thorny branch and spent the next week picking them out with nail clippers since I had no tweezers. Despite my fist of thorns the trek was beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Bwindi.



Gorilla Trekking & Walking Tours with Instinct Safaris said...

Nice pictures :) When we entered the forest for our new years hike, we did so from the Rushaga point, which is south. Did you go on that very same waterfall walk in southern Bwindi?


Sandra Nans said...

I love your gorilla pics, i have seen them on flickr. Just wondering how much you charge for your lovely pictures. http://www.wildwhispersafrica.com

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