Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Napo Wildlife Center and Community Lodge

During my visit to the Amazon I stayed with the amazing eco-lodge Napo Wildlife Center (NWC).  It was without a doubt the best rainforest lodge I have ever been to and was an all around amazing experience.  I had an amazing guide, Norby Lopez, who had worked with the Anangu Kichwa Community in 2003 to found the lodge.  Everyone I met there was friendly, knowledgeable about the area, and most importantly enthusiastic to be there and showing tourists the wonders of the Amazon.  I highly recommend any travelers to the Ecuadorian Amazon stay at NWC.  When booking the trip there is an option to hire a private guide for the duration of your trip.  If there is a specific animal you are looking to see I would highly recommend this because it is just you, your naturalist guide, your community guide and your canoe paddler on your own and you can completely custom make your itinerary every day.  Otherwise you are in a group of 8 guests, which is nice, but you have less control over your itinerary.

Instead of making a post about the lodge I decided to create a short (under 3-minutes) multimedia piece about the lodge.

Napo Wildlife Center and Amazon Lodge from Rebecca Yale on Vimeo.


Alan said...

Rebecca, I stumbled upon your photos in Flickr while researching Napo and that led me here. Your blog posts are very interesting as is the video on the lodge. We are thinking about making a trip to Napo. It sounds like hiring a private guide is the way to go to ensure less people and flexible hours. Would they allow you to go out at night with a guide? We find that the rainforest comes even more alive after the sun goes down.

Rebecca Yale said...

Hi Alan,
It is a really amazing lodge and as you can see here I highly recommend it. Definitely ask for Norby he is the best! They do have night trips and you can even camp out for the night at a clay lick where large mammals go which is pretty awesome but I never had the chance to do it because I was so busy chasing down otters! Need a photographer to come with you? I'd love to go back! :) Enjoy your trip there it will be amazing!

Alan said...

Yes, come join us. I am a photographer myself, but the more the merrier. I am trying to work out flights since there seems to be no easy way to get there from California. I don't remember you mentioning a Quito hotel. Do you have a recommendation? Thanks.

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