Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Throughout the Galapagos Islands I saw thousands of crabs!  It seemed that everywhere I looked I saw the beautiful bright red Sally Lightfoot Crab.  The crab has a vibrant red shell and a blue underbelly, which makes for a beautiful contrast against the black lava rocks in the Galapagos.  I'm not usually a fan of crabs because of their resemblance to spiders, but these were pretty cute and I kept seeing Sebastian signing under the sea while I watched them scuttle about.  They are one of the only animals that run away from humans on the islands and while they are abundant now their numbers had dipped from overfishing.  It is now illegal to eat them on the islands.  The other crab that I saw on Isabela Island is the Ghost Crab, a cool red crab with eyes that look like they are on horns on top of its head.  These crabs actually sift through the sand to find food and create little pellets of clean sand when they are done.


Sally Light Foot Crabs from Rebecca Yale on Vimeo.


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