Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

Today February 27th is International Polar Bear Day!  Today we all should take a minute to think about our personal impact on the environment and ways we can make it better!  I've turned off the heat in my apartment today and put on a warmer sweater and opened my shades instead of using my lights.  Little steps like that can make a huge difference if everyone did them so think of the little things that you can do to help our environment and encourage your friends to pledge to do them too! 

So in honor of Polar Bear Day check out Polar Bears International and read up on ways you can help save the polar bear and their precarious icy home up north!  Below are a few of my favorite polar bear pictures from my trip to the Arctic and I hope they inspire you to care about these majestic bears so we have more than just pictures of them in the wild to pass on to future generations!

Arctic Fauna: Polar Bear in the Ice
Polar Bear Hunting on Ice Flows, Svalbard
Polar Bear Hunting on Ice Flows, Svalbard
Polar Bear on Ice Flows, Svalbard
Polar Bear Hunting on Ice Flows, Svalbard


mina said...

you're so talented. i just love your wildlife photography.

thanks so much for the tip. we're definitely going to the highline and shake shack after soo many people recommended them. we're going to see what we can do about getting book of mormon tickets but chances look slim. thanks again!

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