Monday, October 29, 2012

New York City Family Photography, The Highline

One of the best parts of being a portrait photographer specializing in children is that I get to see kids again and again and watch them grow up.  I got to photograph this adorable little guy in Madison Square Park last year and it was so much fun to see him again this year on the highline.  It's amazing how much changes in a year!  We had a great morning exploring the highline and he was just as adorable and smiley as last year.
RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_014 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_008 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_007 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_006 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_009 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_003 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_011 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_010 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_013 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_017 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_005 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_012 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_004 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_015 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_016 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_002 RYALE_NYC_Highline_Family_001

Friday, October 26, 2012

New York City Family Photography, Central Park

I was very excited when this family called me up to tell me they'd be in New York City and wanted to do a Central Park photo shoot.  This was a wonderful three generation photo shoot of Grandma, Mom, and Daughter.  The grandmother is an incredibly talented knitter and made that adorable coat for her granddaughter!  We had a great time walking around the park on a crisp fall morning ending in my favorite part of the park- the rambles!

RYALE_NYC_Family015 RYALE_NYC_Family003 RYALE_NYC_Family016 RYALE_NYC_Family004 RYALE_NYC_Family013 RYALE_NYC_Family012 RYALE_NYC_Family010 RYALE_NYC_Family008 RYALE_NYC_Family007 RYALE_NYC_Family006 RYALE_NYC_Family005 RYALE_NYC_Family001

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New York City Newborn Photography, Battery Park

I had so much fun photographing adorable newborn baby T and his older sister K!  K was so cute playing with all of her toys and introducing me to her little brother.  She has the most amazing blue eyes that I was simply entranced by while editing the photos- she looks like a doll!  Congrats to T & K's mom and dad on their new addition!  He is certainly going to be a cutie like his older sister!
RYALE_NYC_Newborn_006 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_007 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_009 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_002 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_003 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_005 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_004 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_008 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_010 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_012 RYALE_NYC_Newborn_011

Sunday, October 7, 2012

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