Friday, November 30, 2012

New York City Family Photography, Tribeca + Battery Park City

I had the enormous pleasure of photographing this beautiful family two years in a row.  Last year adorable baby S was only three months old (you can see last years session here).  This year she's all grown up walking (kind of) talking (a little) and being adorable (a ton)!  We had lots of fun walking around my favorite streets of Tribeca then over the highway to catch the the beautiful end of day light in Battery Park City.

RYALE_TribecaFamily-1 RYALE_TribecaFamily-02 RYALE_TribecaFamily-4 RYALE_TribecaFamily-5 RYALE_TribecaFamily-03 RYALE_TribecaFamily-8 RYALE_TribecaFamily-9 RYALE_TribecaFamily-04 RYALE_TribecaFamily-12 RYALE_TribecaFamily-05 RYALE_TribecaFamily-06 RYALE_TribecaFamily-14 RYALE_TribecaFamily-16 RYALE_TribecaFamily-15 RYALE_TribecaFamily-18 RYALE_TribecaFamily-07 RYALE_TribecaFamily-23 RYALE_TribecaFamily-22

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New York City Family Photography, The Highline

My favorite thing about the holidays is getting to see clients again that I haven't seen in a year and see how much the kids have grown.  I met little baby G last year when she was almost a year old and she was all smiles and big blue eyes!  At almost 2 she is still all smiles with even brighter blue eyes!  We had a blast on the Highline with some red balloons!  Happy birthday G!
RYALE_HighlineFamily-1 RYALE_HighlineFamily-03 RYALE_HighlineFamily-06 RYALE_HighlineFamily-07 RYALE_HighlineFamily-09

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New York City Family Photography, Central Park

Wow did I love photographing this family!  They were visiting New York from the West Coast and wanted some pictures to capture the visit.  Their mom and I planned a Central Park and UWS shoot for October and crossed our fingers for some nice foliage.  Our wishes must have worked because it was a beyond beautiful crisp fall NY day with orange and yellow leaves galore.  I had so much fun with them in the park and then on some of the town house lined streets of the Upper West Side that just scream New York City!  The girls were great sports with lots of patience as we dodged cars so we could shoot in the street and a month later I still can't get over their adorable cowboy boots!
RYALE_CentralParkFamily-1 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-2 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-4 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-5 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-6
RYALE_CentralParkFamily-8 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-12 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-3 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-04 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-06 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-07 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-09 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-10 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-23 RYALE_CentralParkFamily-25

Friday, November 16, 2012

New York City Wedding, Preview

RYALE_Wedding-1 Lovely wedding! Can't wait to share more!
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