Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby Penguins of Antarctica

We were lucky enough to be there during hatching season and all the babies we saw were just a couple days old!  The moms and dads have a short window to care for them, protect them from predatory birds and teach them to make it on their own then they have to hit the water and refuel.  It was adorable to watch the little guys poke their heads out from beneath their moms and dads.  Watching the regurgitating feeding not so cute, but still pretty interesting!

RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-63 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-61 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-64 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-67 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-69 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-66


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