Thursday, January 24, 2013

Icebergs and Icescapes of Antarctica

The landscapes in Antarctica looked unreal.  When standing alone on the bow watching endless cobalt water and ice unfold in front of me it seems pretty crazy that this is the same planet that holds NYC and all the steel and grey buildings.  The compressed water in the icebergs creates the most gorgeous blue color as it is reflected back through the spectrum of light and makes for beautiful pictures too!  

RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-3 RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-9 RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-10 RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-12 RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-13 RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-2 RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-18 RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-15 RYALE_Antarctica_Ice-6 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-24 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-26


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