Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New York City Engagement Photography, DUMBO, Brooklyn

I had so much fun photographing this gorgeous couple in Grand Central Station and DUMBO.  When planning the shoot they told me they wanted to start in Grand Central as it was their connection to the city from their home in Connecticut and it is quintessentially New York (plus being inside is a big bonus in late December)!  They also mentioned wanting to find a spot with great city views as so many of their friends in Chicago had taken photos with the city as a backdrop.  We picked Dumbo for it's beautiful view of two bridges and the whole skyline and crossed our fingers for good weather.  We luckily got a day of beautiful light full of soft grey clouds, but the temperature and the wind chill by the water was freezing!  They powered through though and got gorgeous photos full of smiles and laughter.  Such an amazing way to end my year on a high note with such a lovely couple!

RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-1 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-3 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-2 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-6 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-8 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-10 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-11 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-12 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-13 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-14 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-15 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-17 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-21 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-19 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-16 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-25 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-26 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-27 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-28 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-33 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-30 RYALE_Dumbo_Engagement-34


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