Monday, January 21, 2013

Penguins of Antarctica

I had so much fun watching the penguins and don't think I would ever get sick of lying in the snow watching them waddle by.  They are such clumsy little guys, constantly falling over and then just scooting along on their stomachs.  We got to see Adelie, Gentoo and Chinstrap penguins, but the Adelies (picture right below) were my favorites with their sleek black heads and light blue eyelids.  The penguins all look the same except for their heads- the Adelies are all black, Gentoo have orange beaks and Chinstraps have a line on their chin like a chinstrap! 

RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-27 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-8 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-5 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-3 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-18 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-35 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-60 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-42 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-37  RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-11 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-21 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-56 RYALE_Antarctica_Penguins-12


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