Sunday, February 17, 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I adored Buenos Aires! It felt like a beautiful European city and I wish I had more time to really get to know the city. I spent a few days there doing a few tours and some wandering and exploring. Our first day we visited Palermo and walked the pretty streets with beautiful wrought iron balconies and grabbed a bite at an amazing restaurant Olsen. The second day we took a tour and explored Boca, the birthplace of tango, which is beautiful to photograph with bright colored buildings and beautiful graffiti. We ended our tour at Recoleta Cemetery, which reminded me so much of Pere Lachise in Paris. We saw where Evita is buried and wandered the rows and rows of mausoleums, which are some of the most expensive property in Buenos Aires!  We also visited the oldest temple in the city, but I couldn't take photos there for security reasons.  The last day we visited the beautiful Colon Theater and El Ateneo bookstore, which used to be an old theater. We took a break from sight seeing in the heat to have a cold coffee at Cafe Tortoni, which reminded me of Maxim's or Angelina's in Paris.  The trip was wonderful with the only regret being not having more time to see the city (and maybe skipping the touristy tango show)!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ushuaia: The Southernmost City of the World

We had a little time at the beginning and end of the trip to explore the beautiful city of Ushuaia, which is the Southernmost city in the world.  We took a beautiful boat ride along the coast before we left for Antarctica where we had the opportunity to see sea lions, shags, and gulls.  The last day of our trip we came back a little early because of an injury on the ship so we had time to spend in Ushuaia and spent the day hiking up to a glacier and then exploring the city, looking at gorgeous flowers and having some of their famous king crab! 
RYALE_Patagonia-1 RYALE_Patagonia-2 RYALE_Patagonia-10 RYALE_Patagonia-13 RYALE_Patagonia-14 RYALE_Patagonia-12 RYALE_Patagonia-11 RYALE_Patagonia-9 RYALE_Patagonia-7 RYALE_Patagonia-5 RYALE_Patagonia-33 RYALE_Patagonia-32 RYALE_Patagonia-18 RYALE_Patagonia-20 RYALE_Patagonia-21 RYALE_Patagonia-17 RYALE_Patagonia-16 RYALE_Patagonia-15 RYALE_Patagonia-22 RYALE_Patagonia-24 RYALE_Patagonia-28 RYALE_Patagonia-26 RYALE_Patagonia-31 RYALE_Patagonia-30
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