Saturday, February 9, 2013

Antarctic Still Lifes- Explorations of the Past

We had the opportunity to visit two old stations from the 1950s that had been abandoned and were left completely in tact making a beautiful slice of life museum into Antarctic life 60 years ago.  I loved walking through it slowly discovering beautiful little still life vignettes made of old aspirin bottles or paintings of 50s movie stars painted on the wall.

RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-9 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-6 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-5 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-3 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-1 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-10 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-11 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-12 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-13 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-17 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-19 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-20 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-21 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-25 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-28 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-30 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-32 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-34 RYALE_Antarctica_Stations-39


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