Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whales of Antarctica

I've seen humpback whales many times before all over the world and was excited to see them again in Antarctica, but the real highlight of the trip whale-wise was seeing a gigantic pack of over a dozen Killer Whales come right in front of our boat and bow ride just like dolphins, which it turns out they are!  They belong do the dolphin family and are often seen jumping out of the water like dolphins, but it is very rare to seem them come right up to a boat and bow ride.  Even the scientists were excited as we all rushed to the bow to watch them play below us.

RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-11 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-10 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-9 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-8 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-7 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-5 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-4 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-2 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-1 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-12 RYALE_Antarctica_Whales-3


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