Friday, March 22, 2013

Everglades City, Florida

When I had pictured the Everglades I thought of swampy waters full of alligators and all kinds of pretty birds and had not given much thought to Everglades City.  The city itself is pretty small, but quaint and we had a fun time exploring it.  We stayed at the Ivey House, which was clean and had internet and had fun trying out some of the local cuisine- alligator and stone crab anyone?

RYALE_Everglades-002 RYALE_Everglades-009 RYALE_Everglades-003 RYALE_Everglades-004 RYALE_Everglades-005 RYALE_Everglades-008 RYALE_Everglades-012 RYALE_Everglades-011


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