Friday, March 15, 2013

Grand Canyon, AZ

For my father's 60th birthday we all met in Las Vegas for a wonderful three day trip full of great food, amazing company, shopping, a lot of craps playing (for me), and a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon.  I've visited the North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon before with my dad on a road trip we did in Utah and Arizona, but I'd never been to the West Rim before.  We had a great time flying in a helicopter from Las Vegas over the Hoover Dam and landing at the base of the Canyon for a pontoon ride down the Colorado River.  After the boat ride we went to the top of the Canyon to do the glass skywalk, which I wasn't allowed to bring my camera on, but I got some photos of the beautiful view at the canyon edge next to the skywalk.  My sister and her boyfriend- now fiance- got engaged while we were in Antarctica (photos and story coming soon) and we had fun doing a mini e-session amongst the beautiful backdrop of the Grand Canyon!  My parents even got in the spirit of photo taking and let me take one of them together on the boat.

RYALE_GrandCanyon13-023 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-001 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-002 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-003 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-005 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-006 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-011 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-012 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-013 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-015 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-019 RYALE_GrandCanyon13-022


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