Friday, March 1, 2013

New York City Proposal

I loved photographing this beautiful proposal in NYC!  With the help of the amazing Heart Bandits the apartment was transformed into a beautiful tribute to their relationship.  I hid while she came into the apartment and took in the beautiful scene before her full of rose petals, candles and hand written love notes!  Then I came out and documented the romantic proposal and some celebratory champagne afterwards.  Congratulations you H & I you two are awesome and it was such a pleasure to get to capture this beautiful moment for you!

RYALE_proposal-7 RYALE_proposal-5 RYALE_proposal-6 RYALE_proposal-3 RYALE_proposal-1 RYALE_proposal-8 RYALE_proposal-9 RYALE_proposal-10 RYALE_proposal-11 RYALE_proposal-12 RYALE_proposal-13 RYALE_proposal-14 RYALE_proposal-15 RYALE_proposal-16 RYALE_proposal-17 RYALE_proposal-20 RYALE_proposal-18


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