Monday, March 11, 2013

Rest In Peace BJ and Grandma

Today was a rough day.  Both my 85 year old grandmother and my 18 year old puppy passed away today.  I try not to get into anything too personal here and just share pictures, but I wanted to share some pictures of them.  My puppy, BJ, was such a great sport and was the perfect model for me as a budding photographer.  I've had her since I was 6 and spent my whole childhood and teen years taking endless photos of her.  I wanted to be the next Wegman and when I was 14 and 15 (and learning photoshop) I made these terrible calendars for my parents of pictures of her dressed in all different outfits.  They are terrible photos and even worse photoshopping jobs, but they made me smile today and I'm so glad I have them.  The picture right below is the two of us together about 5 years ago on my 20th birthday in Venice Beach, CA.  The photo right below it is one of my favorite photos of my grams that my grandpa took many years ago and it's one of my favorite family photos.  I think she looks so young and cool in it and it's an awesome photograph very reminiscent of the big street photographers of the day.  My grandpa was an amateur photographer and this photograph speaks for itself.  It's easy to think of your grandparents only as you knew them in their 70s and 80s so I love seeing a photo of my grandma when she was my age and think of the great life she lived with my grandfather who adored her endlessly.  I love and miss you both and you will be remembered always by your loved ones and by many many pictures. xoxo

Please excuse the terrible photoshopping, remember I was only 14!

And this one down here was my first time shooting on a hasselblad when I was 15.  We had to illustrate a saying and I chose "The Hair of the Dog that Bit Me" and this was my tableau.


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