Friday, April 12, 2013

Central Park Proposal, New York City

There must be something in the air because I have been shooting non stop proposals !  It's so much fun to get to be a part of all of these important moments and document them to tell a little proposal story.  David and Chloe were visiting the city from TX and while on what Chloe thought was a photo tour through Central Park, a guitarist appeared out of the woods and David got down on one knee and proposed while I was there to capture the whole thing.  The proposal was planned by the wonderful Heart Bandits and was a pleasure to capture for David and Chloe!  Congrats you two!

RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-1 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-2 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-5 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-4 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-7 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-9 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-10 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-11 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-12 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-13 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-14 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-15 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-16 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-17 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-19 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-20 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-21 RYALE_CentralPark_Proposal-22


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