Thursday, April 18, 2013

Family Lifestyle Photography, Greenwich CT

I love the warm weather we're finally getting and all my shoots are heading outdoors, but one of the great things about winter is it allows me to have the opportunity to shoot some wonderful slice of life sessions, which are always my favorite.  As a documentary photographer I love to shoot beautiful moments of realness- people hanging out in their homes or at the park just being themselves.  This special shoot was exactly that- a fun day of play for this adorable 1-year-old out in CT.  We read books, played with his beautiful dog and went for a walk in the park. 

When I made the switch from documentary to portrait photography it was to take photos like these.  Photos that I wish I had of my childhood.  Beautiful slices of life to look back on years from now when everyone is old and grown and smile.

RYALE_CT_Family-1 RYALE_CT_Family-2 RYALE_CT_Family-4 RYALE_CT_Family-5 RYALE_CT_Family-3 RYALE_CT_Family-6 RYALE_CT_Family-7 RYALE_CT_Family-11 RYALE_CT_Family-14 RYALE_CT_Family-16 RYALE_CT_Family-8 RYALE_CT_Family-17 RYALE_CT_Family-18 RYALE_CT_Family-19 RYALE_CT_Family-20 RYALE_CT_Family-21 RYALE_CT_Family-22 RYALE_CT_Family-23 RYALE_CT_Family-26 RYALE_CT_Family-27 RYALE_CT_Family-30 RYALE_CT_Family-28


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Lovely photos!

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