Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tribeca Proposal Photography, NYC

There are some couples that I can see right away are really meant to be together.  They just fit together perfectly in photos and move together as one so seamlessly that I fall in love with every photo I take of them.  Jeff and Lindsay were one of those couples and it was such fun to shoot their proposal story in Tribeca.  We shot on a beautiful Spring night as the warm orange and yellow tones of sunset flooded the streets.  It was a beautiful proposal on Collister Street then down to Duane Park Patisserie for some cupcakes, champagne and pictures in the park.  Congrats to Jeff + Lindsay!

It was a classic perfect NYC proposal and even got a feature on one of my favorite daily reads the Tribeca Citizen!

RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-1 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-3 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-4 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-5 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-6 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-9 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-11 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-12 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-14 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-17 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-18 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-20 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-22 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-23 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-27 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-26 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-30 RYALE_Tribeca_Proposal-33


Jake Fisher said...

wow what a beautiful couple!

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