Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Central Park Proposal Photography, New York City

This fun Spring Proposal planned by the Heart Bandits was such a blast to shoot!  M & O arrived at Betheseda Fountain in Central Park and walked up to a beautiful string quartet.  As they watched them the quartet switched to playing "Breathless" (the couples song) and O was approached by two strangers in the crowd (played by my sister and fiance) each carrying a bouquet of a dozen red roses.  Then M got down on one knee and proposed while all of Central Park cheered!  It was very romantic and fun!  Congrats you two!

RYALE_CP_Proposal-42 RYALE_CP_Proposal-1 RYALE_CP_Proposal-2 RYALE_CP_Proposal-3 RYALE_CP_Proposal-7 RYALE_CP_Proposal-8 RYALE_CP_Proposal-9 RYALE_CP_Proposal-11 RYALE_CP_Proposal-12 RYALE_CP_Proposal-13 RYALE_CP_Proposal-15 RYALE_CP_Proposal-17 RYALE_CP_Proposal-18 RYALE_CP_Proposal-19 RYALE_CP_Proposal-20 RYALE_CP_Proposal-21 RYALE_CP_Proposal-23 RYALE_CP_Proposal-24 RYALE_CP_Proposal-26 RYALE_CP_Proposal-28 RYALE_CP_Proposal-29 RYALE_CP_Proposal-31 RYALE_CP_Proposal-32 RYALE_CP_Proposal-33 RYALE_CP_Proposal-36 RYALE_CP_Proposal-38 RYALE_CP_Proposal-40


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