Saturday, May 18, 2013

New York City Family Photography, Central Park

One of the wonderful things about photographing babies (and having wonderful clients) is that I get to see them over and over again and watch them grow up.  I met these two adorable babes when they were three weeks old and I was so excited when I got to see them again at 4 months for some beautiful spring time photos in the park.  An afternoon in the park with this lovely family was full of ooos and awws made by passing school groups as every teenage girl looked on overwhelmed by the cuteness of this tableau!

RYALE_SpringTwins-1 RYALE_SpringTwins-2 RYALE_SpringTwins-4 RYALE_SpringTwins-5 RYALE_SpringTwins-6 RYALE_SpringTwins-7 RYALE_SpringTwins-8 RYALE_SpringTwins-10 RYALE_SpringTwins-11 RYALE_SpringTwins-12 RYALE_SpringTwins-13 RYALE_SpringTwins-15 RYALE_SpringTwins-17 RYALE_SpringTwins-18 RYALE_SpringTwins-20 RYALE_SpringTwins-26 RYALE_SpringTwins-28 RYALE_SpringTwins-29


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