Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New York City Family Photography, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

I had such fun with this adorable little 4-month-old in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens amidst the stunning cherry blossoms!  It is my favorite time of year to shoot and this was definitely one of my favorites of the season!
RYALE_BBG_Family-2 RYALE_BBG_Family-1 RYALE_BBG_Family-5 RYALE_BBG_Family-9 RYALE_BBG_Family-10 RYALE_BBG_Family-13 RYALE_BBG_Family-16 RYALE_BBG_Family-14 RYALE_BBG_Family-15 RYALE_BBG_Family-18 RYALE_BBG_Family-19 RYALE_BBG_Family-21 RYALE_BBG_Family-22 RYALE_BBG_Family-23 RYALE_BBG_Family-24 RYALE_BBG_Family-28 RYALE_BBG_Family-30 RYALE_BBG_Family-34 RYALE_BBG_Family-36


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