Friday, May 3, 2013

New York City Newborn Photography, My Cousin!!!

This session was without a doubt my favorite newborn session ever because this adorable little guy is my new baby cousin!  My cousin and her husband are both beautiful (and handsome) (check out their maternity photos here) it was never a question that this little guy was going to be a stunner, but he is really incredible.  He has a beautiful full head of hair and was such a champ during his photo session.  There was a good 15 minutes at the beginning that he didn't want to leave my arms (but that may have been because I just didn't want to put him down), but once we got going he curled up perfectly and cuddled into his mom and dad's arms.  I can't wait to watch this little guy grow up (and take a ton more photos of him along the way).  Happy Two-Week-Old Birthday Owen!!!

  RYALE_NewbornBoy-8 RYALE_NewbornBoy-9 RYALE_NewbornBoy-10 RYALE_NewbornBoy-12 RYALE_NewbornBoy-11 RYALE_NewbornBoy-14 RYALE_NewbornBoy-18 RYALE_NewbornBoy-19 RYALE_NewbornBoy-22 RYALE_NewbornBoy-23 RYALE_NewbornBoy-25 RYALE_NewbornBoy-26 RYALE_NewbornBoy-29 RYALE_NewbornBoy-31 RYALE_NewbornBoy-33


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