Thursday, June 27, 2013

New York City Family Photography, Tribeca

I adore photographing this gorgeous family and spend my whole day smiling while I'm editing their beautiful photos.  We shot around the streets of my favorite neighborhood, Tribeca, and the streets were filled with beautiful end of the day summer light!

RYALE_TribecaFamily-25 RYALE_TribecaFamily-26 RYALE_TribecaFamily-21 RYALE_TribecaFamily-19 RYALE_TribecaFamily-20 RYALE_TribecaFamily-9 RYALE_TribecaFamily-4 RYALE_TribecaFamily-3 RYALE_TribecaFamily-10 RYALE_TribecaFamily-14 RYALE_TribecaFamily-15 RYALE_TribecaFamily-16 RYALE_TribecaFamily-11 RYALE_TribecaFamily-5 RYALE_TribecaFamily-24 RYALE_TribecaFamily-17 RYALE_TribecaFamily-23 RYALE_TribecaFamily-27 RYALE_TribecaFamily-29

Monday, June 24, 2013

New York City Children's Photography, Central Park

I think this shoot with the adorable A proves that there is not much in this world cuter than a toddler in a bow tie!  A's mom warned me that her son had a bad case of ants in his pants and she was right! I had such a fun time chasing after him on a beautiful Sunday morning in Central Park!
RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-1 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-01 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-4 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-5 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-02 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-6 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-7 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-9 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-11 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-13 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-18 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-19 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-20 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-22 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-23 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-24 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-26 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-27 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-30 RYALE_CentralPark_2YearOld-31

Thursday, June 20, 2013

New York City Baptism Photography

I loved shooting baby H's baptism!  I shot his newborn session about 8 months ago and had such fun seeing him again so much bigger!  That's my favorite part of shooting families- getting to see them grow up! 

RYALE_Baptism-02 RYALE_Baptism-01 RYALE_Baptism-03 RYALE_Baptism-3 RYALE_Baptism-4 RYALE_Baptism-6 RYALE_Baptism-04 RYALE_Baptism-11 RYALE_Baptism-12 RYALE_Baptism-15 RYALE_Baptism-19 RYALE_Baptism-14 RYALE_Baptism-16 RYALE_Baptism-17 RYALE_Baptism-18
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