Sunday, July 21, 2013

Daytrip to Versailles

Versailles has always been a spot that I had a love hate relationship with.  It is undeniably gorgeous, but always so packed with tourists!  I hate big crowds of people so definitely not my favorite place on earth.  I have been probably close to a dozen times now as I had to make many trips while I was working on a paper while studying in Paris, but have not been back in 5 years.  This is my memory of Versailles- huge groups of tourists and lines that never end


However, when my friend wanted to go I figured why not and we actually had a wonderful time.  We spent most of our day exploring my favorite area- the gardens and Marie Antoinette's quarters.  She had a whole little disneyland-esque village built for her right on the property so she could imagine what it felt like to be middle class without actually having to get near the people.  She was a crazy one.  But the property is gorgeous and I love finding all the small little treasures.
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