Friday, July 5, 2013

Evelyn + Jean Michel's Brussels Engagement Shoot

I have a very beautiful engagement session to share with you today with a European flare shot on the streets of Brussels.  Evelyn and I were roommates at NYU sophomore year and I was very sad when she moved away to Europe, but very excited to go visit her!  Our birthday's are a day apart so it was a wonderful excuse to go visit her and celebrate together.  On my last day there I insisted on taking some portraits of her and her boyfriend, little did I know that just 4 days later he would become her fiance!  He proposed to her on her birthday during a jazz concert in Lisbon’s Botanical Gardens.  Very romantic! 

Evelyn and Jean-Michel met in New York in March 2010 when, during a Man Man Concert, they caught each other’s eyes in the audience.  Jean-Michel was supposed to go to the concert with a friend, who ended up having to work late, but he went along anyway alone. Evelyn invited him to join her and her friends, and they hit it off immediately.  Six months into their romance, Jean-Michel’s permit to stay in the United States expired, and then over the next three years the couple underwent long-distance romance, and then moved around together to Liege, London and, finally, Brussels.  Congratulations you two!  I can't wait to come back and visit again soon!
RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-01 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-02 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-03 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-04 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-05 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-06 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-08 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-07 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-7 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-09 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-9 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-10 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-11 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-12 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-14 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-28 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-15 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-31 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-35 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-37 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-39 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-40 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-41 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-43 RYALE_Brussels_E-Session-45


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