Sunday, August 25, 2013

DUMBO and Central Park Anniversary Session, New York City Couple's Photography

Jana reached out to me from South Africa to do a photo shoot in NYC while she and her husband were visiting.  They picked the hottest week of the entire year, but we still had a blast walking all over the city from Brooklyn to Central Park.  I love planning out these fun sessions for out of towners to explore NY and get in some local NY neighborhoods as well as the popular tourist spots. To cool off from the heat I brought them to my fav DUMBO summer spot Jacques Torres for some ice cream sandwiches!

RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-1 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-2 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-3 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-5 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-6 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-8 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-9 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-11 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-12 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-13 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-14 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-18 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-19 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-20 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-22 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-25 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-26 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-29 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-31 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-33 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-35 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-34 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-36 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-39 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-40 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-41 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-43 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-45 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-46 RYALE_NYC_Anniversary-48


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