Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Long Beach Family Photography

One of my favorite parts of family photography is getting to watch kids grow up year after year and I feel so lucky that I've been photographing these little ones for 7 years now!  Charles is the first baby I ever photographed back when I was still in college and photographing him helped me realize how much I love documenting beautiful family moments.  I've known their father since I was born and couldn't resist sharing one of us together at the bottom of the post. When I visited them out at the beach this summer I decided to bring my new Contax 645 and shoot all film and I'm so glad I did!  It was a beautiful sunny day and we had fun running around the beach collecting sea shells.  It's the perfect post to end the summer with.  Happy Labor Day!

RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-01 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-9 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-6 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-4 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-2 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-10 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-12 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-14 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-16 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-18 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-19 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-21 RYALE_Long_Beach_FamilySession-22

And here's me circa 1988...


Hilary said...

WOW! Great shot! I actually live next door to these guys... You captured our beach beautifully as well as the beautiful family! Love these shots! But the last one made me smile wide!

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