Saturday, August 17, 2013

New York City Newborn Photography

Little baby J was such a sweetie during her newborn session!  I photograph most newborns in the first two weeks so at a month old she was pretty big, but we were able to coax a few curled up photos out of her and lots of beautiful ones of baby J in her parents arms.  Love lifestyle sessions like these!

RYALE_NewbornGirl-21 RYALE_NewbornGirl-13 RYALE_NewbornGirl-11 RYALE_NewbornGirl-9 RYALE_NewbornGirl-10 RYALE_NewbornGirl-8 RYALE_NewbornGirl-6 RYALE_NewbornGirl-14 RYALE_NewbornGirl-7 RYALE_NewbornGirl-18 RYALE_NewbornGirl-20 RYALE_NewbornGirl-22 RYALE_NewbornGirl-3 RYALE_NewbornGirl-25


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