Monday, August 5, 2013

Owen's 3 Month Photos

I've been having such a great time photographing my baby cousin Owen every month.  I'm around newborns all the time, but I miss out on all the sweet little in between moments.  For Owen's three month I decided to shoot all film on my new Contax 645.  The results were stunning and I'm so happy with them.  Owen ever the professional model fell asleep halfway through his shoot providing both adorable smiley photos and sweet sleepy ones.
RYALE_Baby3M-5 RYALE_Baby3M-3 RYALE_Baby3M-6 RYALE_Baby3M-7 RYALE_Baby3M-9 RYALE_Baby3M-10 RYALE_Baby3M-17 RYALE_Baby3M-12 RYALE_Baby3M-13 RYALE_Baby3M-4 RYALE_Baby3M-2 RYALE_Baby3M-26 RYALE_Baby3M-24 RYALE_Baby3M-23 RYALE_Baby3M-14 RYALE_Baby3M-20 RYALE_Baby3M-25


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