Friday, August 2, 2013

Paris on Film

My last day in Paris was my birthday so as a present to myself I decided to walk around the city with my camera and shoot only film.  It was a wonderful slightly drizzly perfect Paris day full of winding little streets, window shopping and a organic food market.

RYALE_ParisFilm-8 RYALE_ParisFilm-2 RYALE_ParisFilm-1 RYALE_ParisFilm-15 RYALE_ParisFilm-17 RYALE_ParisFilm-18 RYALE_ParisFilm-23 RYALE_ParisFilm-22 RYALE_ParisFilm-29 RYALE_ParisFilm-30 RYALE_ParisFilm-33 RYALE_ParisFilm-34 RYALE_ParisFilm-36 RYALE_ParisFilm-37 RYALE_ParisFilm-39 RYALE_ParisFilm-40 RYALE_ParisFilm-41 RYALE_ParisFilm-45 RYALE_ParisFilm-47 RYALE_ParisFilm-49 RYALE_ParisFilm-73 RYALE_ParisFilm-14 RYALE_ParisFilm-6 RYALE_ParisFilm-50 RYALE_ParisFilm-57 RYALE_ParisFilm-58 RYALE_ParisFilm-53 RYALE_ParisFilm-71 RYALE_ParisFilm-59 RYALE_ParisFilm-65 RYALE_ParisFilm-66 RYALE_ParisFilm-67


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