Monday, September 30, 2013

One Year Old Portraits in Battery Park, New York City Children's Photography

I had such a fun time shooting E's 1st birthday portraits!  I met him last year at just 2 weeks old when he was a tiny little baby with a full head of hair!  Seeing him again at 1 was so fun and he still has a great head of hair.  I loved his parents wardrobe choices!  Relaxed denim looks so classic and comfortable, but completely chic at the same time!  And I still can't get over the denim onesie romper.  Cutest outfit ever!
RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-3 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-1 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-2 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-4 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-05 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-6 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-012 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-013 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-014 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-015 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-34 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-017 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-22 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-025 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-19 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-20 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-24 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-26 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-29 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-027 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-31 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-032 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-033 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-35

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wine Cellar Proposal, New York City Proposal Photography

Roderick and Hollis' proposal planned by The Heart Bandits, was one of the most beautiful proposals I've ever photographed!  Roderick and Hollis went out to dinner at Club A Steakhouse and little did she know that beneath the restaurant in the wine cellar Roderick had arranged for the room to be transformed into a romantic wonderland celebrating their relationship.  A beautiful white linen table had been set out spanning the whole length of the cellar covered in beautiful arrangements of pink, orange, and yellow flowers as well as framed portraits of them together celebrating important moments in their relationship.  Roderick topped it off with a book he wrote to their unborn child, which he presented to Hollis then popped the question.  So romantic and a pleasure to capture for them to enjoy for many many years to come!

RYALE_Proposal-1 RYALE_Proposal-2 RYALE_Proposal-3 RYALE_Proposal-4 RYALE_Proposal-5 RYALE_Proposal-6 RYALE_Proposal-9 RYALE_Proposal-10 RYALE_Proposal-11 RYALE_Proposal-13 RYALE_Proposal-14 RYALE_Proposal-15 RYALE_Proposal-16

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Strolling through Tribeca with my Contax 645

After a marathon weekend of shooting film I had about 25 exposures left on a roll that I needed to finish off so I could send everything into my wonderful lab, Richard Photo Lab.  I decided to take a nice late afternoon stroll through my neighborhood and photograph some of my favorite places.  Tribeca is an amazing neighborhood and such a great place to live.  I like living in a modern building, but being surrounded by some of the oldest buildings in New York City.  I photograph families and couples on these streets all the time, but letting the streets themselves become the subject was a new experience and opened my eyes up to so many little details I'd never noticed before.  Never visited Tribeca?  Here's a list of my top 10 favorite things to do in Tribeca.

1. Checking out the old buildings on West Broadway, especially Tiny's Restautant!
2. Walking through Duane Park
3. Discovering the tiny picturesque streets like Staple and Collister.
4. Eating outside under the lights at City Hall Restaurant.
5. Drinking a glass of wine at Terroir.
6. Splurging on dinner at Jungsik or Marc Forgione for special occasions.
7. Lounging on the couches with a cocktail at the Tribeca Grand.
8. Getting fresh fruit at the Farmer's Market or Whole Foods.
9. Shopping at the well curated boutique Otte.
10. Going to SoulCycle and rocking out with all my fav instructors followed by brunch at Sarabeths.

RYALE_Tribeca-17 RYALE_Tribeca-18 RYALE_Tribeca-23 RYALE_Tribeca-24 RYALE_Tribeca-12 RYALE_Tribeca-11 RYALE_Tribeca-9 RYALE_Tribeca-15 RYALE_Tribeca-6 RYALE_Tribeca-4 RYALE_Tribeca-1 RYALE_Tribeca-3

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Miriam and Fred's Wedding at Gary's Loft, New York City Wedding Photography

Miriam and Fred's wedding was such a blast to photograph at Gary's Loft in Midtown, NYC.  Gary's Loft is both a photo studio and event space so is a gorgeous setting to photograph in and has one of the best views of the empire state building in the whole city.  The space is really unique featuring a mock kitchen, shelves full of curated nick-nacks and an open bathroom with a big bathtub that the bridesmaids piled into during the day and then was filled with beer in the evening!  The wedding featured beautiful florals by fLorEsta, expert planning and delicious catering by Bartleby and Sage, and the bride wore a stunning Watters dress with her grandmother's pearls.  It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony on the rooftop overlooking the city and then they partied the night away on the dance floor in the penthouse.  Their refreshing watermelon signature drink (virgin versions made for the kids in attendance) was the perfect summer accent to enjoy on the beautiful sunny afternoon.  During our pre-wedding final consult we were planning out the reveal and Miriam and Fred decided Fred should be blindfolded.  While discussing what to blindfold him with I jokingly offered one of my Pucci scarves and they loved the idea so I brought along a blue and purple one to match the wedding colors and it definitely made for one of the most fun reveals I've ever done!  I loved shooting this hybrid wedding on my Contax 645 and Nikon D3S.  Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

RYALE_NYC_Wedding-1 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-2 RYALE_Wedding-1 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-9 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-10 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-13 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-15 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-16 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-17 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-19 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-18 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-20 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-24 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-21 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-26 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-28 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-29 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-31 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-32 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-34 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-35 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-44 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-47 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-50 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-53 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-55 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-56 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-57 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-58 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-64 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-65 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-68 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-69 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-70 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-71 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-72 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-73 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-75 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-77 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-79 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-80 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-81 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-82 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-83 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-84 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-88 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-94 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-90 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-98 RYALE_NYC_Wedding-100
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