Monday, September 30, 2013

One Year Old Portraits in Battery Park, New York City Children's Photography

I had such a fun time shooting E's 1st birthday portraits!  I met him last year at just 2 weeks old when he was a tiny little baby with a full head of hair!  Seeing him again at 1 was so fun and he still has a great head of hair.  I loved his parents wardrobe choices!  Relaxed denim looks so classic and comfortable, but completely chic at the same time!  And I still can't get over the denim onesie romper.  Cutest outfit ever!
RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-3 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-1 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-2 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-4 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-05 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-6 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-012 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-013 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-014 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-015 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-34 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-017 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-22 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-025 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-19 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-20 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-24 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-26 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-29 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-027 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-31 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-032 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-033 RYALE_ChildrenPortraits-35


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