Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Owen's 4 Month Photos, New York City Baby Photography

I've been having such a wonderful time photographing my baby cousin Owen every month!  I've been photographing him once a month since birth and have loved watching him grow and change each month.  He's starting to look more and more like a little boy instead of a little baby!  During the session he tried crawling toward me scooching toward me about a foot or so (and gave some funny faces while doing it), which was the first time I saw him mobile and very exciting!  We also had a great game of peekaboo, which resulted in some killer smiles.  He's loving his play mat these days so took a couple there and my favorite at the end was the meltdown before nap time where he decided the photo shoot was over.  I promise no babies were harmed in the taking of that photo.  Can't wait for his 5 month photos!

RYALE_Owen_4M-01 RYALE_Owen_4M-1 RYALE_Owen_4M-2 RYALE_Owen_4M-5 RYALE_Owen_4M-6 RYALE_Owen_4M-7 RYALE_Owen_4M-8 RYALE_Owen_4M-10 RYALE_Owen_4M-11 RYALE_Owen_4M-12 RYALE_Owen_4M-18 RYALE_Owen_4M-19 RYALE_Owen_4M-17


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