Friday, October 18, 2013

Central Park Family Photography

After months of sundresses and shorts it was such fun to shoot my first fall session complete with an adorable fall outfit!  I shot this little one's 1st year portraits around Central Park on a beautiful brisk Fall morning.  We photographed all around the 70's at the Mall, Bethesda Fountain and the grassy areas near Bow Bridge.  Such fun and I love this little one's smiles!
RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-1 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-2 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-3 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-6 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-7 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-9 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-11 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-12 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-13 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-14 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-15 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-17 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-18 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-19 RYALE_CentralPark_1Y-22


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