Monday, October 7, 2013

Elizabeth and Rhys in Napa, Napa Valley Engagement Photography

This engagement session is incredibly special to me because the couple is my sister and her fiance.  After dating for 7 years Rhys proposed to my sister on January 1st in Antarctica.  Their wedding will be in Napa next year so on our annual Labor Day trip there this year we took a few photographs in and around the Auberge du Soleil where we stay every year and is so special to all of us.  It's always such fun photographing family and they were good sports getting up early in the morning after a long day of wine tasting to catch the beautiful early morning light- and it was so worth it!  I shot the whole session on film and a big thanks Richard Photo Lab for the beautiful scans!
RYALE_NapaEngagement-15 RYALE_NapaEngagement-1 RYALE_NapaEngagement-2 RYALE_NapaEngagement-04 RYALE_NapaEngagement-06 RYALE_NapaEngagement-14 RYALE_NapaEngagement-8 RYALE_NapaEngagement-010 RYALE_NapaEngagement-16 RYALE_NapaEngagement-9 RYALE_NapaEngagement-012 RYALE_NapaEngagement-18 RYALE_NapaEngagement-019 RYALE_NapaEngagement-21 RYALE_NapaEngagement-022 RYALE_NapaEngagement-23 RYALE_NapaEngagement-024 RYALE_NapaEngagement-27 RYALE_NapaEngagement-28 RYALE_NapaEngagement-029 RYALE_NapaEngagement-030 RYALE_NapaEngagement-031


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