Monday, October 28, 2013

Michael and Sara's Central Park Engagement, New York City Engagement Photography

Central Park is so iconic and one of the most popular places for photo shoots in the city.  However the park is huge and most people only stop at a couple stops in the 70's.  Michael and Sara love Central Park and when we started planning their engagement shoot and they mentioned all the areas they love to go I got so excited for a shoot that explores the whole park from top to bottom.  We started out at the beautiful Frick Museum where Michael proposed to Sara, which is right next to the park in the 70's.  Next we picked up their adorable dog Stevie for some photographs down on the South end of the park, which I love because you get both the trees of the park and the skyscrapers of Columbus Circle in the background.  Then as the sun was setting we made our way up to the North Woods in the 100's, which is a gorgeous part of Central Park that is always so nice and quiet without all the bustling tourists you find in the South part of the park.  There's even a beautiful waterfall that we stopped at for a few photos.  We made our way through the wooded area as the sun was setting casting a pink glow over the trees and Michael and Sara.  I had a great time with them and can't wait for their wedding this winter!
RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-01 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-02 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-6 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-8 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-09 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-011 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-12 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-13 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-014 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-015 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-018 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-20 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-021 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-22 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-24 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-26 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-027 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-031 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-032 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-33 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-35 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-038 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-039 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-40 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-044 RYALE_CentralParkEngagement-45


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