Thursday, October 3, 2013

New Proof Boxes

I love the tactile quality of photographs.  The same way I still love holding a magazine in my hand I love holding a print.  It is becoming ever more common these days for our photographs to only live on screens, going from facebook to our phones, ipads, televisions and more often than not just filed away in folders on our computers.  We miss so much when we just look at a photograph on our screens.  When a photograph is printed it is elevated to us and becomes more than an image it becomes a memory and a keepsake you will have for generations to come.  I've had many a client come back to me months after a session to make albums because they want to have the opportunity to look at their photos all the time and share them with friends and family.  While I still adore albums and the story telling capabilities we have when put photographs into a book, I am now unveiling a new product which is now included in all of my packages- a beautiful engraved wooden proof box with a full set of 4x6 proofs from our shoot wrapped up in a chocolatey brown silk ribbon.  This box can be beautifully displayed at work or at home and gives you the experience that many of us haven't had since we were children ourselves of picking up prints in our own hands and enjoying the visceral experience of printed work.  The box also has a compartment for the USB drives so you'll always know where it is and don't have to worry about losing it now and instead have a gorgeous piece to display it in.  I am very excited about my new proof boxes and hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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