Monday, October 21, 2013

Owen 5 Months, New York City Family Photography

I've been having such a great time photographing my adorable cousin every month on my Contax.  I may not be the most objective when it comes to him, but I think he is so adorable and photogenic!  September brings cooler weather and the beginning of the foliage so it was fun to go outside and shoot in Central Park and embrace the new season.  Can't wait for Halloween photos next month!

RYALE_Owen5M-3 RYALE_Owen5M-01 RYALE_Owen5M-04 RYALE_Owen5M-7 RYALE_Owen5M-08 RYALE_Owen5M-10 RYALE_Owen5M-11 RYALE_Owen5M-012 RYALE_Owen5M-13 RYALE_Owen5M-16 RYALE_Owen5M-19 RYALE_Owen5M-017 RYALE_Owen5M-21 RYALE_Owen5M-22 RYALE_Owen5M-23 RYALE_Owen5M-24 RYALE_Owen5M-025 RYALE_Owen5M-028


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