Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jenna and Cody in Central Park and DUMBO, New York City Engagement Photography

I adored photographing Jenna and Cody's engagement in Central Park and DUMBO.  Jenna is a photographer herself who was visiting from Texas and I was honored she chose me to capture these very important photographs!  Some photographers (like me) hate being in front of the camera, but Jenna was amazing and she and Cody were such fun to work with!  I loved showing them around my favorite spots in Central Park and DUMBO and we had an incredible sunset where the sky turned pink then purple- so gorgeous!

RYALE_CP_Engagement-01 RYALE_CP_Engagement-002 RYALE_CP_Engagement-03 RYALE_CP_Engagement-6 RYALE_CP_Engagement-07 RYALE_CP_Engagement-8 RYALE_CP_Engagement-08 RYALE_CP_Engagement-9 RYALE_CP_Engagement-11 RYALE_CP_Engagement-013 RYALE_CP_Engagement-015 RYALE_CP_Engagement-17 RYALE_CP_Engagement-18 RYALE_CP_Engagement-019 RYALE_CP_Engagement-21 RYALE_CP_Engagement-22 RYALE_CP_Engagement-24 RYALE_CP_Engagement-026 RYALE_CP_Engagement-027 RYALE_CP_Engagement-29 RYALE_CP_Engagement-31 RYALE_CP_Engagement-32

Monday, November 25, 2013

Central Park in Autumn, New York City Family Photography

Central Park in the Fall is one of my favorite places on earth.  I love it even more when I get to photograph an adorable family like this one!  I shot Andrew's newborn session back in January and loved photographing him now at almost a year old!
RYALE_Fall_Family_2-9 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-04 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-2 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-01 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-14RYALE_Fall_Family_2-15 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-8 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-06 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-016 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-020 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-13 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-021 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-011 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-10 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-5 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-022 RYALE_Fall_Family_2-22

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Niagara Falls on Film

When I booked a wedding this Fall in upstate New York I jumped at the opportunity to add on a visit to Niagara Falls.  Growing up on the west coast the falls were never a destination I made it to as a child and I thought it was crazy that I flew halfway around the world to see Victoria Falls, but have yet to see the falls just hours away from me in NY!  I decided to only shoot film on the trip and in the day and a half I was there I only shot 2 rolls of 220 on my Contax and am so happy with the results.  Richard Photo Lab did amazing scans as always and I'm excited to share my photos with you here.

The Falls were definitely different than what I was expecting, but I guess I didn't know what to expect.  I thought there would be more of a out in nature feel, but it is very touristy and has a disney feel with all the visitor centers you have to go through and the crowds of people on the walkway.  However, when you take the maid of the mist out to the base of the falls and feel the water pounding down around you it's such an incredible experience and well worth the crowds.  My favorite viewing spot was actually from my hotel room.  For a small fee you can upgrade rooms in most of the hotels along the Falls to a high floor with an unobstructed view.   I stayed in the Marriott on the Canadian side and spent my afternoon curled up with a book by the fireplace in my room watching the mist rise up from the falls.
RYALE_Niagara-3 RYALE_Niagara-002 RYALE_Niagara-001 RYALE_Niagara-005 RYALE_Niagara-008 RYALE_Niagara-009 RYALE_Niagara-010 RYALE_Niagara-016 RYALE_Niagara-017 RYALE_Niagara-21 RYALE_Niagara-22 RYALE_Niagara-23 RYALE_Niagara-025 RYALE_Niagara-26 RYALE_Niagara-28 RYALE_Niagara-029 RYALE_Niagara-30 RYALE_Niagara-031 RYALE_Niagara-033
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