Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jenna and Cody in Central Park and DUMBO, New York City Engagement Photography

I adored photographing Jenna and Cody's engagement in Central Park and DUMBO.  Jenna is a photographer herself who was visiting from Texas and I was honored she chose me to capture these very important photographs!  Some photographers (like me) hate being in front of the camera, but Jenna was amazing and she and Cody were such fun to work with!  I loved showing them around my favorite spots in Central Park and DUMBO and we had an incredible sunset where the sky turned pink then purple- so gorgeous!

RYALE_CP_Engagement-01 RYALE_CP_Engagement-002 RYALE_CP_Engagement-03 RYALE_CP_Engagement-6 RYALE_CP_Engagement-07 RYALE_CP_Engagement-8 RYALE_CP_Engagement-08 RYALE_CP_Engagement-9 RYALE_CP_Engagement-11 RYALE_CP_Engagement-013 RYALE_CP_Engagement-015 RYALE_CP_Engagement-17 RYALE_CP_Engagement-18 RYALE_CP_Engagement-019 RYALE_CP_Engagement-21 RYALE_CP_Engagement-22 RYALE_CP_Engagement-24 RYALE_CP_Engagement-026 RYALE_CP_Engagement-027 RYALE_CP_Engagement-29 RYALE_CP_Engagement-31 RYALE_CP_Engagement-32


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