Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Julie-Anne and Laurent's DUMBO and Brooklyn Engagement, New York City Engagement Photography

How gorgeous are Julie-Anne and Laurent?  The incredibly chic couple are living in New York right now, but are from Paris and will be returning to the amazing city for their wedding so they wanted to embrace their new city for their engagement photographs.  We started out by photographing in DUMBO early in the morning where we could capture the iconic NYC skyline along with the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  I love this time of day because not only do we have gorgeous light, but we avoid the crazy crowds and can get amazing shots like these.  I especially love when Julie-Anne kicked off her high heels to walk across the bridge with her shoes in hand as many a New York City gal has been known to do after a night of dancing.  Our final stop was up to Central Park to capture a few photographs where city meets nature.  They styled themselves perfectly and are a great example of how fashion choices really mold an engagement session.  They look effortlessly chic while still being timeless and classic amidst the city background.  
RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-1 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-02 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-03 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-6 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-7 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-10 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-11 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-014 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-15 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-16 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-18 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-017 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-023 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-22 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-25 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-24 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-027 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-028 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-30 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-33 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-031 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-034 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-36 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-37 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-38 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-039 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-41 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-42 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-43 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-045 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-046 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-047 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-051 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-053 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-55 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-058 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-059 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-060 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-62 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-63 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-069 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-65 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-66 RYALE_BBCP_Engagement-068


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