Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Windows in Soho, New York City Family Photography

When this awesome mom contacted me saying she wanted photos that really captured the feeling of New York I had so much fun planning our shoot in Soho.  The original day we scheduled for turned out to be the coldest of the entire year with the temperatures dipping below 10 degrees with the wind chill.  We lasted for about 5 minutes before we called it and decided to postpone to another day.  We met again a few days later with the temperatures about 30 degrees warmer in high 40s and had so much fun walking around the streets and checking out all the Christmas windows.
RYALE_Soho_Family-1 RYALE_Soho_Family-02 RYALE_Soho_Family-03 RYALE_Soho_Family-6 RYALE_Soho_Family-8 RYALE_Soho_Family-09 RYALE_Soho_Family-010 RYALE_Soho_Family-11 RYALE_Soho_Family-012 RYALE_Soho_Family-14 RYALE_Soho_Family-15 RYALE_Soho_Family-16 RYALE_Soho_Family-017 RYALE_Soho_Family-18 RYALE_Soho_Family-021 RYALE_Soho_Family-022 RYALE_Soho_Family-026

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Central Park in the Fall, New York City Family Photography

I had the honor of photographing this adorable little cutie as a newborn so I loved getting to see her again for 6 month photos in Central Park!  The day was extra windy so after capturing a few in the beautiful fall foliage we headed inside to get some cute ones of everyone cuddling up at home.  Oh how I adore holiday shoots!
RYALE_CP_Family-01 RYALE_CP_Family-02 RYALE_CP_Family-03 RYALE_CP_Family-4 RYALE_CP_Family-04 RYALE_CP_Family-05 RYALE_CP_Family-6 RYALE_CP_Family-06 RYALE_CP_Family-15 RYALE_CP_Family-17 RYALE_CP_Family-18 RYALE_CP_Family-19 RYALE_CP_Family-020 RYALE_CP_Family-021 RYALE_CP_Family-022 RYALE_CP_Family-25 RYALE_CP_Family-026 RYALE_CP_Family-28

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sam and Lili's Harbor Links Golf Course Wedding, Long Island Wedding Photography

Sam and Lili's wedding took place out on Long Island at Harbor Links Golf Course on a beautiful warm afternoon in September.  Sam and Lili mixed classic elegance with fun pops of color.  I loved the bride's classic Vera Wang dress and I loved her bright yellow shoes even more!  The groom's Hugo Boss tux was finished off with fun striped Paul Smith cuff links.  The day was full of family and love and was a pleasure to photograph for them!
RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-01 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-02 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-6 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-08 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-09 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-12 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-013 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-15 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-17 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-20 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-18 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-21 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-22 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-025 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-028 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-26 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-029 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-030 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-033 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-34 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-36 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-37 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-038 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-39 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-042 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-43 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-44 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-46 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-046 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-47 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-48 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-049 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-50 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-51 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-52 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-053 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-55 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-57 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-058 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-60 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-61 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-068 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-069 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-066 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-070 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-072 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-074 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-075 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-078 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-079 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-081 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-82 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-083 RYALE_HarborLinks_Wedding-86
Thank you to Julieanne Prevete for assisting and second shooting! A couple of her photos of the boys are mixed in here!
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